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You can order the books "Datamodellering", "Databases & SQL", "Business Intelligence" and "Requirements" (the book "Requirements" is available in both Dutch and English) in the book shops or on the internet. For example thru the website of book shop Paagman , or thru the website of Bol.com. Sometimes Paagman is more expensive, sometimes Bol.com.
If this fails, please contact us by email.

Order through EDUCOM

The books "NIAM", "Programmeertalen voor Databases", "Praktijkboek Databases" in combination with "Uitwerkingen bij Praktijkboek Databases" you can order through us using the form below.

Price list:

  • - NIAM, 4th revised edition, 2003, Ton de Rooij: 22,-- exclusive of VAT, 23,98 inclusive of VAT
  • - Business Intelligence: De eenduidige informatieomgeving en de gevolgen voor de organisatie, 1ste druk, 2008, Peter van Til en Ton de Rooij: 38,99,-- exclusief 9% BTW, 42,50 inclusief BTW
  • - Programmeertalen voor Databases; SQL en Codasyl 1981, 2nd edition, 1992, Ton de Rooij: 30,-- exclusive of VAT, 32,70 inclusive of VAT
  • - Praktijkboek Databases en Uitwerkingen bij Praktijkboek Databases, 1st edition, 1992, Ton de Rooij: 40,-- exclusive of VAT, 43,60 inclusive of VAT

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Per shipment we charge you shipment costs: 4,13 exclusive of VAT, 5,-- inclusive of VAT.

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