Why go to Courses / Workshops at EDUCOM?

The teacher for most of the courses / workshops is Ton de Rooij. He has made the teaching material. He is also the writer of the books 'Datamodellering', 'Requirements', 'Business Intelligence' (together with Peter van Til), 'Databases en SQL' and 'NIAM' that are used in the courses / workshops.

In the courses / workshops there are a lot of exercises. The concept of 'self-discovery learning' is used. That is why we rather use the term workshops instead of courses.

The groups are kept small. In a normal group you will find 4 to 6 (with a maximum of 8) participants. Sometimes even less. This makes it possible to give individual attention.

After the completion of the course / workshop the care of EDUCOM does not stop. Untill three months after the completion the participant can ask the teacher questions by e-mail about the content of the course / workshop. That is right in the period in which the participant will start applying the acquired knowledge, insight and skills.

You will be well cared for during the course / workshop. Lunch and beverages are included in the price.

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Straight on to our Courses / Workshops in English:

Data Modeling / Information Modeling the ER-model (English spoken)

SQL (English spoken)