Training trajectories

Each of the courses / workshops can be attended completely seperately, but there is a connexion between the courses / workshops. In case a participant wants to acquire an adequate amount of basic knowledge of system development in order to participate well as a system developer in projects, than the 'Trajectory System Development' is an obvious choice. This consists of the courses / workshops (not all of them in English):

1. Modelleren van Bedrijfsprocessen (Modeling Business Processes)(Dutch course)
2. Datamodeling / Information Modeling using the ER Model (English course)
3. Database Technologie en Ontwerp (Database Technology and Design) (Dutch course)
4. SQL (English course)

The courses / workshops need not be attended in a specific order. If an order should be given, use the order given here.

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Straight on to our Courses / Workshops in English:

Data Modeling / Information Modeling the ER-model (English spoken)

SQL (English spoken)